Our Services

audio-studio1Audio Recording

Arabian Beat Studios specializes in acoustic recording and utilizes state of the art technology and years of experience to ensure to you High Quality sessions. So get the big label sound at an unbeatable price!

MicrophoneVoice Over

Whether it’s a commercial for a local radio station, a corporate video, a training DVD, E-Learning or a television commercial, Arabian beat Studios provide voiceovers at very competitive rates.

ars-grafik-myspace-iconEducational & Language Learning

Dialogs are part of most language learning courses. In addition to our sound consistency standards, that allow us to produce natural sounding dialogs from recordings executed at different times, we have also developed programs to automatically combine individual lines into dialogs, with the ability to adjust the silence between the dialog lines, typically, a longer pause for beginner level course, and natural pauses for an advanced level course…

Audio_Icon-150x150Music Composition

Under the ultimate Muse of our Arabian Beat creative team of Musicians, any lyrics you want will dance on Oriental or Occidental melodies we will write for you!

Whether you need an Oriental Groovy Atmosphere or a Harmonious Occidental Atmosphere, our Arabian Beat Experts will enchant you with the best Arrangement you shall get suiting your taste!

headphones-iconMixing and Mastering

Mixing and Mastering are the two base components of professional producing. Do you want to take your song to the next level? Our team of engineers at Arabian Beat Studios will give your music the deluxe treatment, addressing every aspect of every track with utmost care and consideration.


Training and e-learning content today makes an intensive use of multimedia.  Multimedia elements, such as voice, video, and animations have become easier and cheaper to produce and distribute, and can greatly enhance the impact of your content on the user…

1Dubbing to Arabic

Arabian Beat Studios has a wealth of voice over narrators to select from in any Arabic accent.
We can dub interviews in a UN-Style for documentaries; record actors to lip-sync for films or drama, and either deliver the audio as time-synced wav or mp3 files, or integrate the audio into your video project, mix with the music and FX and master.

Misc-Audio-iconLive Recording

With over than 10 years of experience in live recording for Classical Symphonic Orchestra, Arab oriental Orchestra and chamber ensemble concerts, and with more than +500 live concert. We are more than ready to cove your next live concert from the stage to the Master CD.

training iconTraining

Presentations, webinars and training are becoming global and interactive. As busineses turn to interactive media in all shapes and form, many are struggling to find a localization partner with real expertise in all things multimedia.